Birute Paukstyte

It’s a good time, to take some time and think about the time…

Night time

Morning time


Evening time

Any time

I lost track of time

But now more than ever I have time to think about my

Good times

Bad times

First times

Second times

Last times

Best times

Worst times

Long times

Short times

Given times


The present time (is a present)


The commercial realism of Oxford Street in London now contrasts sharply with the imagery of the people on the street. The crisis has deeply affected the images of human beings we see in public, and...
I am sending this editorial from NYC, at the verge of its shutdown due to COVID 19. People I know and myself have been in self-quarantine for a month now. I never wanted my editorials to have a...
While my partner and I were out for the last time before the lockdown, I also found this shot of a bus driver with nothing to do and no one to transport so he was just waiting around. The Coronavirus...
I'm a painter living & working in County Kildare, Ireland.  A while ago, visiting my brother in Balbriggan, I came out of the house to see this double rainbow. The light of the sun had...
This time has brought a feeling of peace and recuperation to my world. Despite the terrible impacts the virus has had, it has given many people a much needed break and an opportunity to reflect on...
Daily life in Barcelona, the days goes by as the neighbours try to keep a life as normal as they can. Couples need their space as well, a ray of spring sun it´s a treasure these days in Barcelona
There is a fear that comes from the unknown. The "invisible boogeyman" of coming into contact with the virus. The symptoms that can creep up upon us at a later date, or we may be symptomless and be...
A couple walk back from the shops with heaps of toilet paper, Tooting, London, 12 March, 2020. People are hoarding basic amenities like toilet paper, pasta and rice in fear of a nationwide lockdown...
This is an ongoing project started within the confinements of my home in Manchester.  Using CCTV cameras i explore how places have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic and government...
In NYC, the grocery store shortages are everywhere.  It hit me really hard when I saw all the eggs were sold out.  Eggs are a staple for most peoples diets and generally very reasonable, so...
Crowds storm a supermarket in south London, reaching high for the shopping baskets with outstretched hands in desperation. 
In the times of self-isolation and not being able to go outside I found my way out within myself through the creativity and visual expressions of the mental health of being locked in physically but...
I am a photographer and filmmaker. During the crisis, all my jobs are postponed or cancelled. I'm left alone with my imaginary friends (goldfish). 
After losing my job as a server to the Coronavirus pandemic, I started taking pictures of the barren streets and came across this near my locale grocer. As a server I absolutely agree: 86 COVID19...
Britain is in lockdown, a social state represented by this photograph of a garage door. The simplicity of the message is in tune with the simplicity of the instruction to stay at home.



Life in the time of Coronavirus

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