Michael Eure


As quarantine went on I'm sure all of us felt an urge to find value in the simpler things in life, those things we would take for granted. I began to find value, both artistically and emotionally, in the simple life the my dog Jack lives every day. While every being has their trials and tribulations he seemed to just appreciate what he had every single day. In this case he appreciates the bed I share with him. I often sat at my desk with my back to my bed and him as I studied or looked for mind numbing distractions to this new found way of life.  His subtle and calm nature fascinated me every time I turned around to look at him. The more I did it and the more photographs I made of him in this state I realized how it's been this way for years but it takes extreme situations for one to notice such simple pleasures. I've noticed more of him and even allowed myself to fully emerse my creative mind into creating beautiful photographs of his nature. Though it wasn't very hard because these photographs are what I see every single day, but I find that I never grow tired of making photographs of him, going through multiple rolls of film on him in one position, maybe two. I thought sharing this would help others find the same kind of connection in those simple things that are right infront of them every single day, you need not go farther than your own bedroom.

My first ever film photograph, it began with him and continues to grow around him.
My most recent photograph of him, back to basics of black and white but a completely different perspective that captures his nature.

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