Agustin Reyes Seidler


These photos are part of my series "Mud" ,beauty is everywhere, framing it well is a challenging goal. When one tries to bring life to a frame, suddenly the expectations are elevated, but we do our best. Life’s a Journey.

These photos were taken from a trip in Oregon and the prominent colors of the landscape, specially the barn kept all the attention and moment, that's what photo is, a meditation , an eternal present moment that will last for ever, we reach to make a moment eternal.
This photo was taken in Tel Aviv at an old facility lost In the road . The colors kept my attention, the feeling of Duality from the sand fields and the old metal structure with Vivid but rusty colors reminded me the deserted part of my homeland México. It was my time machine from home
These captivating fields in America are to me are the opposite of the fields in Valle de Bravo where I grew up, there Everything is green and brown , it is not obvious that agriculture has many colors.
Puerto Escondido is one of my favorite spots in Mexico, nature is all around on its pure potential, the virginity of its beaches Teach you that life can be also lived at real natural resort and you can reach to the point of traditional and rustic arquitecture. Time in sunsets there are a moment of reflexion on how our planet will always surprise us with colors that we thought we have never seen
beauty is everywhere, framing it well is a challenging goal. When one tries to bring life to a frame, suddenly the expectations are elevated, but we do our best. Life’s a Journey. My shoes , my mean to touch the ground were part of this process, I honor them as Part Of the landscape and photo, hoping to comunícate or to touch some emotions in my audiences.

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Throughout history women has been objectified and mistreated. In the last century things started to change rapidly for the better. This image of being a woman became ever more complex if possible. The focus I’ve had in this project was the female role in the 21st century, my personal dilemma and the...
North Macedonia, Republic of
Humans are animals - Animals are human. We swam and we crawled, we stood up and hunted, we fought and strived, we grew and developed, we raised thoughts and memories and fantasies, we became knowledgeable and  sophisticated, we became self-sufficient, self-centered and self-obsessed, we became...
Zosia Zoltkowski is an interdisciplinary Polish, first generation Australian artist; researching, creating and collaborating across mediums of painting, performance, installation, sculpture and video. Her site-specific executions aim to create a synergistic relationship between viewer, per...
China - Hong Kong / Macau
Hong Kong
The idea of Unpeeling started with one of the artist’s grandma’s after dinner habits - peeling oranges and share them with her family. The act of peeling oranges symbolizes sharing, connecting and healing. Peeling the orange reveal the vulnerable center, and metaphorically this action exposes the ar...
United States of America
New York City
I took this photo in 2017, while walking through the Upper East Side of Manhattan. It was rainy and gloomy that day. Playing in the sidewalk puddles, I came across some ordinary apartment buildings. Standing back to look at them, their symmetry grabbed my eye and I began shooting photos; they were a...