Yuan Tang

After extensively exploring digital photography and video. From 2018, Yuan has begun to examine analog photography again – produce an ongoing diary series of private scenes - "Vague." She uses a medium format camera - Mamiya C330 twin lens to capture her idea. Each photo produced like a small intimate ceremony.

Her subjects are young migrant Chinese women she has engaged in New York City. Those wonderful women are all foreigners to this country, far away from their homeland and families who must face isolation, homesickness, language barrels, and face the culture shock of a chaotic in an unrelated city, among many other challenges. Asian women have been loved, fascinated, judged, labeled, discriminated against, misunderstand, and underestimated. Especially the beginning of COVID-19, Asians have faced more serious discrimination and misunderstandings than before. Nevertheless, they still making voices in different areas want to discover. They choose to be temporarily or permanently separated from their native place so that they can entirely accept themselves and comply with their urges and needs. They are reliable and sensitive, conservative and liberal, self-love, and fraternity.

It often says that everyone is looking for a romantic chapter in New York City. For these women, it isn't just the love they investigate, also a sense of belonging, security, and acceptance in their new rest, new habitats. They have let Yuan peer into their lives, share their journal stories, to give her chance captures their vulnerabilities. Yuan feels herself is one of them, as they share not only the same roots and background, but when they are together, she feels whole. The emotional connections are cautious yet progressive, fragile yet severe; they are sensitive and impassive, soft and rigid.

VagueShe, and her, and they
in fresh age
juicy like plump peaches.
She is whispering sighs in my ear,
her skin smells delightful.
we were cuddling
we were sharing
we were weeping
we were nibbling
we loving,
my girlfriends,
they are giggling.

A young Chinese woman preparing her first birthday celebration in the US.
A performance artist expresses her feeling about media - she uses her body to speak out. The Chinese media banned all her work because the contents are "too sexual and disrespectful".
The homesick woman. She can not visit China because of her visa issue.
A musician, last day in the US, because COVID that all her performance has been postponed.
People still discriminate against Asian women who have tattoos. Her first tattoo is done by herself 3 years ago, and now she became an experienced tattoo artist in New York City.

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