Daniela Mastronardi



The image of woman has always been defined by symbology and stereotypes which despite all the fights and the achievements are still present in the contemporary society.

The search of a proper and collective identity guides this project, not to give us answers but to leave us with old and new questions to which we probably cannot still answer.

Are we really the owner of ourselves? In which way the so-called democratic society is still a patriarchal society and how influences our choices? Why our contemporary society divides women instead of uniting them? Why sexism is not worldwide considered a form of discrimination that must be fought and defeated?

These photographs want to remember the strength of women, their solidarity and their dreams, the power that can build an equal society where finally be free.

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The Night Beauties are a series of photographs of the flora at the night time. Plants, trees and floral landscapes are the most challenging and my favourite night time subjects. Capturing the low light on the plants and flowers sometimes from the street light, a window or the moon, creates...
United Kingdom
'WHAT IS MINE?' Colonisation of Body, Mind and Culture.
United Kingdom
Photography Project about Obsession, Pleasure and Femininity.  My aim is to create a scene that captures or creates an isolated moment of pleasure  These scenes are constructed through an exaggerated, surreal and bizarre  performance.
Shadow of life I was born into a poor family where life means war. We have to fight for survival. Where love is worthless ,Art where luxury only . I am surprised when I look at my reflection. Everyone knows I'm successful today. But no one wants to hear the story behind this success. So I look at my...
Valle de bravo
These photos are part of my series "Mud" ,beauty is everywhere, framing it well is a challenging goal. When one tries to bring life to a frame, suddenly the expectations are elevated, but we do our best. Life’s a Journey.